Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Day!!!

Yesterday at 6:00 a.m. I received a kid's favorite call. "School's closed for the day, due to inclement weather" the recorded voice said. Looking outside I saw that, sure enough, there was a LOT of heavy, wet snow. It was still coming down hard with no sign of it stopping. Warren decided it would be better to work from home, rather than fight his way through a 2 hour commute, so he was around all day, as well.

It was so fun to stay home for the day, all snuggled and warm, while the freezing snow fell outside. The boys slept in, I made a big breakfast, and we spent the morning watching cartoons. Around 10:00, I couldn't convince the boys to stay in any longer so out they went into the first snow of the year. After lunch we went out again, and by then it was glorious - sunny and clear. The roads were still really crummy, though! The boys went to the corner where there is a big field that sort of slopes up toward the sidewalk creating a perfect small sledding hill. It was a wonderful day!

The boys and Warren trying to turn the slide into an icy fast ride.

William trying to peg me with a snowball (luckily, I was standing safe and warm in the kitchen).

Matthew and Aspen. Aspen LOVES the snow!

Warren, shovelling with Nate and Drew helping.

The consequence of such a busy day in the snow! Nate and Warren.

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Jessie said...

Hey I remember that yard! That was such a great house. The hills by your Utah one look pretty sweet, too!