Thursday, November 30, 2006

New blue cast

Will resting at Grandma's, right after his visit to the Emergency Room.

Since William is the WINNER of the, 'first boy in our family to break a bone' award, I thought this monumentous occasion (sure to be the first of many) deserved it's very own post!

For Thanksgiving, our family travelled West to visit relatives. On Thanksgiving day we were eating ourselves silly in Rupert, Idaho. All of the kids went outside to run around for awhile and before long William came in crying. While outside playing on a tree stump (only about 3 inches off the ground), he had fallen and scraped his hand. After getting a band-aid, Will wanted Warren to come outside so Will, "could show you what happened, Dad." Warren took him outside and Will was standing on the stump explaining carefully how he had fallen, when he stumbled again. Falling off the stump, he landed hard on his elbow. He immedietly flew into such hysterics when anyone mentioned touching or moving his arm that we knew a visit to the Minidoka Memorial Hospital Emergency room was in order.

Sure enough, 4 X-rays, and a few thousand bucks later, we were told he fractured his arm just above the elbow. Thank goodness it broke where it did, apparently children's elbows can be tricky to diagnose and fix. The orthopedist put him in a 1/2 cast (to make room for swelling) and a sling and told us to follow up with our doctor when we got back to Chicago.

Yesterday we went to our own group of doctors and saw another orthopedist who took more X-rays, confirmed that Will did, indeed, have a fractured arm, and put him in a new blue cast.

We think he looks fabulous.
William, a week later. You can tell he's really suffering! :-)

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Katie said...

Oh no! Well, I'm glad that the hospital was able to diagnose it correctly. I hope Will has a speedy recovery!