Friday, August 13, 2010

I have the MOST awesome family!!!

I just LOVE these videos!  Last weekend our family had a Jones Family Reunion.  This was our impromptu entertainment.  Well...... I'm not sure impromptu is the right word, since Uncle Glen (who isn't technically my uncle - he is my grandfather's cousin - I'm not sure what that makes him to me, but we all just call him Uncle Glen) had brought along his accordion, 2 fiddles, a harmonica, a keyboard with seat, a microphone and an amplifier.  :)
This is the way I grew up.  My earliest memories are singing in front of a crowd - my mom was always telling everyone I would love to perform......  We sang everywhere.  I think it created a very jolly atmosphere at every family gathering.  Just a note explaining why I try to encourage music with my children.  Uncle Glenn here is completely self taught.  At this family reunion he started out playing the keyboard, then switched it up to the accordion, then the fiddle, then the harmonica, back to the accordion, then back to the keyboard - all without a bit of music in front of him or a single music lesson in his history.  It is AMAZING!  Just watching this 90 year old heft his accordion is a sight to behold!  LOL!  My mom is no slacker, either (oh, yeah, for those of you that don't know us very well - that's my mommy on the keyboard.)  She has a gift for music.  She can play anything using music or by ear.  I grew up thinking that every piano accompanist could change keys on my whim.  It was a shock the first time someone else was playing for me to sing and I said, "that's too high, could you lower it a little?"  They looked at me like I had 3 heads.  :)  I'm hoping that some of this talent is genetic!

I only wish I would have still been recording when my Uncle Glen had his wife come up and the two of them sang the two verses of 'Bicycle built for two'.  It was the CUTEST thing EVER!!!


Dina said...

I wanna see you sing!

Handsfullmom said...

That is cool! I'm with Dina -- where's the video of you singing?