Tuesday, October 13, 2009

San Francisco here we come!

Matt has a follow-up in San Francisco with the hypothalamic obesity specialist in two weeks. For awhile now I have been feeling like I wanted to get another opinion on other aspects of Matthew's treatment for his cancer issues. UCSF is a brain tumor consortium hospital and I wondered if they might have some different treatment ideas for Matt's unique set of issues. I have put off making the calls to arrange a visit with other clinics at UCSF and decided to call today even though I was pretty sure it would be too late to make the arrangements. I was so excited when I started to call around and found that everyone was really willing to make things happen for Matt! Now, over the span of two days, Matt will meet with the pediatric neuro-oncology practice and a pediatric neuro-radiologist, along with the Endocrinologist we've met with previously. The oncology doctors will review Matt's chemo protocols (they call this his 'roadmap') that he has already done. They will discuss any treatment options we may have overlooked and will recommend a course of treatment. Then the radiologist will discuss Matt's radiation future. We are most interested in meeting with her because she will be able to talk to us about whether the surgery for the obesity would be a bad idea in light of the future radiation treatment Matt may need. We will discuss which type of radiation would be most beneficial for Matt's particular case and determine whether SLC has the capability to perform that radiation. Some larger centers have different fancy radiation abilities. We'll see what might be best for Matt. Lastly, we will be meeting with Dr.Lustig to discuss the vagotomy surgery for weight management. It will be a whirlwind of a trip but I am so excited to meet with these specialists. I feel so thankful that everything worked out so smoothly. It is meant to be!


Jessie said...

I was summing up a little about your crazy life to my sister, Annie. She got all teary-eyed and said something like: "Man, that is a LOT of stuff to deal with".
And I said: "The amazing thing is, Alli's not telling us all this stuff as in 'Look at my hard life' - she's just telling it like everything's fine!"

Your attitude astounds us, Alli. You seem to be able to pass any test life throws at you, and with flying colors! I'm sure you have your moments of frustration and sadness, but you wouldn't be human if you didn't. ARE you human? hee hee

Anyway, best of luck in San Fran. I hope it's a successful trip.

courtney said...

oh, i'm so happy you were able to line all that up & think it's wonderful that you're getting good opinions on everything.
i loved what your friend jessie said & i think it's so true!
you are wonderful & inspiring.
you'll be in our prayers for a good & fruitful trip.
love you, courtney

Karrianne said...

That's wonderful! I bet it will be nice for you as parents to get the opinion of another specialist. I'm sure it's nice to know your options and what's out there. I am in continual awe of how much you have probably had to learn throughout this process! The brain of all places has to be incredibly complex, not to mention all the various treatments and such. Best of luck in San Francisco, hope all goes great!!!

Ben said...

Woohoo! How exciting to get all of that done in one visit. Hope it all goes smoothly, and that you are happy with the info. you get. Good luck!