Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Big Oh-One! :-)

Today my sweet newborn baby turned one year old - how did that happen?!? We celebrated this milestone yesterday, as Warren is traveling this week and had to leave right after church today. We had the easiest, most laid-back party ever. It was a real treat, as we have never lived near family for any child's first birthday party. It was so fun to get together with all the people who love Jake most. We ordered hot sub sandwiches from this yummy place called 'Papa Kelsey's'. If you are ever in Logan, check it out! The steak and everything sub is pretty amazing! Along with the sandwiches, I ordered a large pizza for the children, a party pack of individual bags of chips, and drinks. It was a seriously low-key, but delicious party! I was pretty proud of Jake's cake. Don't look too close, as it's pretty tilty, the layers were too thin since I didn't make quite enough cake batter, and had little finger swipes out of the front (hmmmmmmm, I wonder who could have done that???) It was a homemade yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing - yum!

Here is Jake enjoying his birthday cake. He was so funny! We expected him to smoosh the cake around with his fingers, but nope! He just picked up the hunk of cake and began chowing down. Then he cried when it was gone. Apparently chocolate is a hit with him!

I had to laugh when, during the present opening, Jake became obsessed with this little balloon my dad had purchased to put on top of Jake's gift. This is him making a beeline for the gift that had the balloon attached.

And here he is, successful in his attempt to get everyone to do everything he wants! Will was so sweet during Jake's party. He really tried hard to make sure it was a special day for Jake. I'm loving Will's hat here. I'm not sure when he put on the dress up hat, but it sort of makes the moment!

Every single photo I got of Jake the whole rest of the day, he was holding that silly balloon! I just had to laugh at what a classic 'one-year-old' moment it was! Luckily, there were many children there who were more than happy to 'help' Jake open his gifts and then admire and play with the toys, since he couldn't be bothered with any of it! :-)


Carl and April said...

What a fun day! I have done big involved themed parties and lowkey ones, honestly I think the lowkey ones are better. I actually have a good time and the kids don't care about all the extra stuff. Give him a big Happy Birthday from the Agren clan.

April J. said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! It seems a lifetime ago that he was born! What a doll!

Jacqui said...

Yey! I love kids birthdays...I'm glad someone knows how to do it low key. I have yet to learn that trick. Happy Birthday from all of us.

Mindy said...

He is a little linebacker isn't he! What a big kid, and I LOVE the red hair. Happy Birthday Jake!

Christina said...

He has got to be one of the cutest one-year-olds I know. Love those chubby cheeks. I hope you do okay this week without Warren.

EmilyCC said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! Your mom is one impressive cake maker!

nelson clan said...


seeing those pictures reminds me of a little ditty that was sung to me in primary on my birthday and I wish to share it with Jake...

This month is such a special one;
It’s birthday-time for you.
We’d really like to celebrate
Your happy day with you.
Zip-a-dee-ay and heigh-dee-ho,
Here’s something we can do.
We’ll sing a song that we all know,
Happy Birthday to you!

Hope that all is well with your family.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday, Jake. Cute cake! I couldn't stop laughing at the picture of him enjoying his cake. Nice job Mom! I didn't realize how red his hair was. We should get our boys together and see if you can tell whose is whose.

Jessie said...

I love low-key - it's totally my thing. How cute is Jake?!
Milo also clung to a balloon on his 1st b-day. I didn't even get him anything else, because I knew that darn balloon would be all he cared about. Funny little people.
Happy birthday, Jake!

MoziEsmé said...

That is one gorgeous cake! I might have cried when my piece was finished, too!

Love the balloon photos!

mileshudson said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jake!! The cake turned AWESOME:)

Just dandee said...

Happy Birthday! Time definately does fly. What a cute little man he is. Good Job on the cake! So festive. Low-key is perfect! Sorry I missed you all for dinner the other night. I missed seeing you all.