Friday, October 03, 2008

My weakness (well, one of them........)

Is there anything on the planet more fantastically indulgent than a fine hotel? Warren and I have had the opportunity to stay at some pretty amazing places. Right now we are at the Four Seasons in Chicago. The linens are sumptous, the service is amazing, and without our children, we are enjoying ourselves immensely! In fact, they 'upgraded' us to a 'residence'. We are in a Four Seasons apartment. It has a large living area, full dining room, and a kitchen along with a large bedroom. We're feeling pretty spoiled!

Lobby of the Four Seasons in Chicago - oooooh la la!

Some other wonderful places we've stayed:
The Intercontinental, also in Chicago. We often stay here when we visit Chicago. The pool is spectacular!

The Swisshotel in Boston was the beginning of the end for me. Warren and I 'Pricelined' a hotel and ended up with a wonderful price for the Swissotel. I was so comfortable in that room and I think I enjoyed it a little bit too much! Before this experience, I was perfectly happy in a Motel6 and I figured a hotel was just a place to sleep when you couldn't be home. Now I know, though, that a stay at a fine hotel can fully rejuvinate me.

For our 10 year anniversary we stayed at The Boulders in Arizona. This resort has these darling little individual cabin type rooms called 'casitas.' They are open and airy and each has a real wood fireplace. One of my favorite memories of our trip was waking up early and sitting out on our own private little balcony, wrapped up in the warm blanket available in our room, reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of cocoa - Heavenly!

Our very favorite hotel is the Grand America in Salt Lake. When Matt was sick, after 10 full nights staying at the hospital with him, my mom talked Warren and I into taking a night away. We booked a room at the Little America, but they were full so they moved us over to the Grand. It is THE nicest hotel I have ever stayed at! The bathroom was all marble, the furniture was beautiful and comfortable, the bed was heavenly. We even got room service that night and the food was so good.

So, now you know my weakness! I enjoy being pampered at a wonderful luxury hotel. It is so fun!


[Somebody Loved] said...

It is very wonderful to be pampered. You have stayed in some amazing hotels... beautiful!

Amanda said...

Allison you totally deserve it. Glad you guys could get away for a bit. I too think back fondly of the nice hotels we have stayed at (all on business related stuff cause when we pay it is usually not 5 stars) and think another weekend away would be in order. If you are thinking of others to try I would add - Marco Beach Resort in Florida - with full suites and kitchens and on the beach it even works with kids, Four Seasons in Austin Texas, and finally Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.

Jessie said...

Yes, that is TOTALLY one of my weaknesses too. That and fancy pants chocolates. The nicest hotel I've ever stayed was in Eilat, Israel. It was SO fancy and had mezzanine with a 24-hour fresh-fruits-and-treats section. I ate way too much at their.

Indulge when you can. Wow, with no kids? I think I'm about 8 years away from something like that. Louie and I have been dying to stay at the Grand America since we watched it be built!
You DO totally deserve it, I second that. I don't quite deserve it yet, just 2 tiny kids. Not even close to 5, plus the whole Matt thing. Soak it up, you cute friend, soak it up!

Karen and Lew said...

Lew and I travel occasionally for work, and once you stay in a hotel where you can watch the flat screen TV while soaking in the jacuzzi tub, you can never go back. But I still think about the Christmas Eve we spent in a Motel 6 in a tiny, Texas town on our way out to Boston 10 years ago. It was 2 humans and one dog on a double bed. It was fun. Not the same kind of fun as the jacuzzi, but fun nontheless.

Miss Karrie said...

Oh, I totally agree. And I tried to deny the fact for a long time. My mom has always had that theory (a hotel is just a place to sleep, get the cheapest), and I tried to talk myself into that same theory for a long time... but I've recently joined the dark side... I, too, have a weakness for nice hotels, though I can count on one hand the times I've stayed in them. It's something I'm looking forward to after we're done with school though!!! :)

Jacqui said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I just got back from Washington...a wedding. I felt like a pioneer going from house to house of relatives...some we hardly knew...and staying at their homes. This was a fun thing for me. But I do have to say a nice hotel would be 'heaven' for me right now.

Carl and April said...

I share the same weakness. I had not stayed in more than a motel 6 before I married Carl and now I am a hotel snob. Of course since Carl worked for Ritz Carlton for so many years and we could stay in them for practically nothing I was really pampered. Sounds like so much fun though, glad you had a good time.

Medikman said...


Sup stranger? I was harassing Trent for telling me they had a baby when we didn't even know Julie was pregnant. Anyway he told me about his blog and I found yours. I can't believe you have 5 boys. I hope things are going well for all of you.