Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Re-creating the wheel.......

This year, our computer crashed. I've gotten a good lesson in backing up files (I lost all of my photos, music, and other files) and also a good lesson in not turning your 'old' computer into the 'kids' computer until you take your Christmas card list and put it on your new computer!!! Alex (my computer whiz kid brother) was able to retrieve a majority of my files, but right now my hard drive from the old computer is at his house waiting for me to go through every computer file and stick it where it belongs - I anticipate this taking several months once I actually begin....

Anyhow, I am hoping that you guys can all send me your addresses so I can re-create my Christmas card list. The thought of hunting down all of our friends from New York, Boston, and Chicago is a little overwhelming at the moment! Please email me at:


Thank you everyone!!!

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