Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Matt's first shower in THREE MONTHS!!!

We are so excited! Because of Matt's Broviac in his chest, he isn't allowed to shower or swim. Other parents I have spoken with who have children with Broviacs are allowed daily showers, but I suppose Primary Children's is extra conservative in this regard. I even went to the 'official' Broviac site and they say that kids can shower and swim with Broviacs in!

Anyhow, any of you with 9 year old boys care to comment on how well sponge baths and 1x weekly bathing would work for your boys?!? Particularly now that Matt is attending school each day, he gets pretty stinky and sweaty. I have been going bananas trying to keep him clean! So, as I was researching on the web I found this product. I bought a package and when his home health supply company called I asked them if they carried this product and they do! They will keep me supplied so Matt can have daily showers! I know it's a silly thing to be thrilled about, but it makes such a difference to us. Imagine being a 9 year old boy and your mother having to bathe you in a bathtub - Matt had to hold a towel over his site so I could help him wash his hair/body without getting his line wet!

He thoroughly enjoyed his first shower in months. The stuff did start to peel off toward the end of his shower. I think we need to play around with it a bit to find a strategy that keeps things perfectly dry, but this was a big improvement over our previous system!


Oh, and no, not yet, obviously.....


Katie said...

I bet he's as excited as you are!

Deborah said...

How nice for both of you. Matt gets to have a little bit of normalcy back.