Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good News MRI - YEA!!!!

Today was another day in SLC with Matt for his monthly clinic visit/MRI. Like last time, Matt was able to have his MRI with no sedation. Today he was due for an MRI of his spine only. Doing both brain and spine takes several hours, and is really just too much if he is not sedated. The spinal MRI's take quite a bit longer than a brain alone because they really do 3 MRI's, one of each section of spine. After the scans we went up to Matt's clinic appointment. Dr. Lemons was in to see us quite quickly after he looked at the scans. We were VERY pleased to see that there is improvement in the tumors and seeding of his spine! This is the FIRST MRI that Matt has had where the report said 'slight improvement'. We are beyond thrilled that the chemo seems like it might be doing something. Because of this good news, we are continuing on the Temodar for at least one more cycle. Next month Matt is due for his brain MRI. That will be the more important factor to determine whether the chemo is effective. However, since this MRI showed improvement, we are praying that the brain also shows improvement or at least stability. Matt does so well on the Temodar. It would be a blessing if he could continue with this protocol - at least through the school year. We did discuss other options, which we will begin if the Temodar proves unsuccessful in shrinking the main tumor. We also discussed radiation. The plan has always been to begin radiation sometime this summer, and it sounds like that is still going to happen. We will be making an appointment to meet with the radiation oncologists in the next few months. This will be exciting as we can discuss all the fancy radiation techniques they keep talking about on television (gamma knife, proton beam radiation, etc....). I don't know if any of these will be possible for Matt, but it will be nice to talk to a doctor about them anyhow. So, that was our day. Overall, very encouraging! Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Our View....

This is what Warren and I wake up to each and every morning. I need better photography skills - this photo really doesn't do the scenery justice! This was taken through my bedroom window the other morning.

Ski the Beav!

One of the things that Warren has missed the MOST these past years living away from the mountains has been the lack of skiing. He lived in Park City when he was younger (his dad was Superintendent of schools there), and he grew up skiing a ton. Over the past 10 years, Warren has only been skiing a handful of times, and he has missed it! Last weekend Warren took Will skiing for Will's first time. Will did awesome! He is a kid who was made for speed. Beaver Mountain has a great first time learn to ski program. For only $50, your child gets a lift ticket, ski rental, and 2 hour group lesson. Will came home exhausted and excited - he said he loved skiing! I, personally, want all my boys to love to ski with their dad. I look forward to quietly shopping in a cozy mall while the rest of my family are out freezing their noses off and breaking their legs. I like the idea of me skiing, but everyone else always looks WAY cooler than I ever do while I'm flailing down the mountain on two skinny, slippery sticks! Just so you don't think I'm a party-pooper, I'm also not opposed to sipping hot chocolate and reading a great book while hanging out by the fire in the ski lodge - see, I participate in family activities!

Anyhow, here are some pictures of Will's day (he is in the orange coat).

Learning to get back up after you fall is an important skill (in my experience, the MOST important skill!)

Here he is just skiing down!

In this one, it looks like Will is hanging onto the rope tow, but he is actually cruising down the mountain. If you look, you can see the kid who is getting yanked up the rope tow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

True Love!

Last week at dinner Nate announced, out of the blue, "I'm going to marry Halle in the Temple." I asked him who Halle was and he told me, "my girlfriend." His preschool class picture was nearby because Diana had been working with the boys on their valentines. Nate pointed out his 'girlfriend' in the photo (a darling little girl with a big smile and lots of bows in her hair) and then reiterated, "Yeah, Halle and I are getting married in the Temple..........and I'm ONLY FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!" :-)

Now, I've got this on record and can bring it out just in case, 20 years from now, he actually does marry Halle!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ironic, no??

Tonight, as I was searching for the dogs shot records in a hutch in our kitchen, I came across a book. This book is from the Naperville public library (where we haven't lived in over a year).

The title of the book:

"The Procrastinator's Handbook,
Mastering the art of doing it now."

I about died laughing!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Such a blessing!

Baby Jake is such a fantastic little guy. He never stops smiling and is extremely interactive with anyone who is holding him. I think he is also my most engaging baby at the youngest age. I especially love it when he wants to 'play'. He will look at me with what can only be described as a coy look. He will look in my eyes and slowly stick out his tongue! When I then stick my tongue out at him he grins - sometimes even laughing out loud. It's amazing to me that he seeks out this type of interactive game at such a young age!

Today we blessed Jake at church. It was absolutely beautiful - it had snowed all night long and everything was covered in white and it was deep! Thankfully our church is close. Grandma Julie bought a darling suit for Jake to wear and he looked perfect. I felt so thankful as my fifth son was given a beautiful blessing by his father. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed at the responsibility of raising five strong, kind, men. I am so thankful to have Warren as a partner in this task. He is a fantastic father and husband.

Here are some pictures from this special day.