Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hey at least I got around to posting about Halloween....

Better a week late than never, right? Right?

Here's 'Super Baby!' (In hindsight I should have dressed her as a monkey with a tutu and called her 'monkey princess' since that's Warren's nickname for her - don't ask. He'll just have to be willing to pay for the therapy.)

Batman was a little strong willed about wearing his treat bucket on his head. I have very few photos of him bucket-less, and, believe it or not, the one here is the only one where he isn't crying (a result of us trying to get him to take the bucket off his head for a picture). Anyhow, he was cute!

And here we have the 'Super Twins!'

Super DREW!

Super Nate!


These are their extremely EXCELLENT capes. The idea was stolen from my friend Deanne and the capes were sewn by Grandma. I would say that Grandma 'helped' me with the capes, but I'm not sure that by watching her sew them I was particularly helpful....

And here's our Rock Star!
Will started telling us that he wanted a mohawk several months ago. I told him that I would allow him to grow out his hair until Halloween and that we would shave and color it into a mohawk. He was SO EXCITED. Here he is getting his hair shaved.

And here is the finished result. His hair had gotten SO LONG!

And last, but not least, here is our Woopie cushion. Not bad for a kid who was in the ICU two days prior to Halloween!

We love Halloween (well, the boys more than Warren and I - parents just bear the brunt of sugar highs and kids who eat themselves sick). This turned into a great one. We kept it simple and it was fun.